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People are our greatest asset. And at GIC, our talented people are united in the pursuit of a common goal – to secure Singapore's financial future, by preserving and enhancing the power of the reserves under our management.

Whatever stage you are in your career, and whatever your professional aspirations, you have many opportunities for a rewarding career with us. Browse through our available roles to discover one that's right for you.

Investment Groups

Public Markets

As one of the largest Public Market investors globally, we actively invest across both developed and emerging markets. Our portfolio is well-diversified so as to produce sustainable, superior returns. And we seek to sustain and maximise the performance of our investments through effective strategy implementation, passive strategy deployment, and by selecting external managers with discernment.

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Private Markets

Our Private Market portfolio spans the breadth of multiple asset classes, which we have the ability to hold for the long term. These assets include private equity, infrastructure and real estate. Also, with our strong global reputation, brand name access and experience in managing complex and diverse investments, we have become one of the first ports of call in the private market.

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Cross Asset Group & Asset Allocation

Our Economics & Investment Strategy and Integrated Strategies teams help us sustain and optimise our longer-term portfolio. As a strategic internal partner to our senior stakeholders, EIS builds and manages our total portfolio, contributing directly to GIC's total performance. The ISG team optimises our ability to invest flexibly and collaboratively across asset classes, drives innovative investment themes, and enables cross-asset investment opportunities.

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Corporate Services

Data and Technology

As technology is critical to our success, our technology group spearheads innovation and transformation at GIC, empowering us to make the best investment decisions possible. And by adopting new and emerging technologies, GIC is able to develop holistic digital solutions specific to our needs. This gives us greater efficiencies to solve challenging business problems and lead the drive to make GIC a technology-driven, leading global long-term investor.

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Investment Services

Our Investment Services team is an invaluable partner to GIC's Public and Private Market counterparts, empowering us to make and execute better investment decisions. By collaborating as one, we can efficiently optimise deal execution, with integrated mid-and back-office operations for our key investment groups. And adopting leading-edge technologies helps us deliver process efficiencies and create value to allow GIC to stay ahead of the competition and industry trends.

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Governance & Risk Management

This group comprises the individual teams of Internal Audit, Legal & Compliance, Risk & Performance Management, and Governance & Client Relations. Together, they provide multiple lines of defence in safeguarding GIC's interests and critical counsel in upholding our fiduciary responsibilities and preventing potential reputational, operational and financial risks. On top of this, we also have in place measures for clarity and transparency in risk ownership and accountability.

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Corporate Affairs & Communications, Corporate Administration & Infrastructure, Human Resources & Enterprise Strategy

The role of creating a thriving and engaged workforce, and ensuring a conducive environment at GIC lie in the hands of our Corporate Affairs & Communications (CAC), Corporate Administration & Infrastructure (CAID), Human Resource & Organization (HROD) and Enterprise Strategy (ES) teams. CAC serves as GIC’s interface with key stakeholders, including the general public, media and employees. Tapping on the right infrastructure and digitally-enabled tools, CAID aims to design an ideal work experience while building our global infrastructure. HROD seeks to attract and develop the best talent, with the right values for our high-performing and agile organisation. We continually refine our people strategy to meet our culture of excellence. Lastly, our ES team implements strategies across GIC to ensure that our business outcomes are aligned with our strategic objectives.

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