Cross Asset Group & Asset Allocation

Our Economics & Investment Strategy (EIS) team is responsible for asset and capital allocation decisions at GIC. The team is a strategic internal partner to our senior stakeholders in building and managing our organisation's total portfolio, and contributes directly to GIC's total performance. 
Within the Integrated Strategies Group (ISG), our goal is to optimise GIC's ability to invest flexibly and collaboratively across the capital structure. We drive new capabilities and research in innovative investment themes, and help our counterparts explore and access cross-asset investment opportunities.

A breadth of exposure

Managing a large, multi-asset portfolio, EIS works on some of the most complex problems. Team members partner senior management as well as leading experts in economics, capital markets and portfolio construction. ISG members too enjoy wide exposure, ranging from diverse sectors, regions and deal structures. Our flexible investment mandate opens us to investments in public and private equity, M&A financing, real estate, mezzanine and other debt instruments. Our mandate of evaluating innovative investment themes gives our investment professionals a unique learning experience and exposure.

A collaborative team

We are committed to cultivating teamwork. Our teams have developed our unique mix of cross-asset class capabilities to tap on investment opportunities within and across almost all asset classes. Sharing ideas and driving innovation allows us to keep pace with the growing diversity and complexity of the investment universe as well as the increasingly competitive environment.

Excellent learning opportunities

Direct interaction gives every team member the opportunity to learn from senior management and leading subject matter experts from the industry and within GIC. Rotations to specialist groups, both internally and with external business partners, also allow us to gain additional depth in our professional skills and experience.

Economics & Investment Strategy (EIS)

EIS has the task of constructing our long-term portfolio policy, undertaking dynamic asset allocation over the medium-term, shaping capital allocation across our active strategies, plus developing alternative investments models. Our in-depth research covers investment models, asset allocation, portfolio construction, asset market cycles, and thematic issues that affect our total portfolio. We are also responsible for analysing expected returns of asset classes, and the macro outlook that affects the investment environment. Part of our work also involves continually refining the guiding framework of all portfolio activities to enable consistently good decisions at the highest levels.

Integrated Strategies Group (ISG)

Our investment professionals are based globally, including Singapore, New York, London and Japan. This lets us assess deals through multiple geographies. By up-sizing high quality investments, engaging unconventional partners and structures, and exploring innovative investment themes, we enhance GIC's alpha-generating capability and capacity. As we are a flexible team that works closely and collaboratively with other investment groups, our members have gained significant exposure to diverse sectors, regions and deal structures.

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