Enterprise Strategy, Human Resources & Corporate Infrastructure

Critical to GIC's operations, our Corporate Administration & Infrastructure (CAID), Human Resource & Organization (HROD) and Enterprise Strategy (ES) teams create an optimal, thriving workforce and environment to power us forward. 

CAID delivers a best-in-class work experience for GICians, putting in place the right infrastructure, digitally-enabled tools and environment to facilitate business and culture. HROD optimises our talent pool, ensuring their 'skills fit' and 'cultural fit' are a good match for each role. ES integrates and coordinates the investment and organisation strategies of GIC, to ensure that outcomes are aligned to our overall strategic objectives. 

The resources to innovate

We have the mandate and resources to innovate across GIC, and actively champion thought leadership in our functions. GIC's brand name opens the door to working with industry leaders and partners, allowing us to impact the status quo. As part of our work in CAID, we have introduced a concierge robot, leveraged technology to create a green, cost-saving environment, and re-imagined workspaces for greater business effectiveness. In HROD, we have continually reinvented our people and culture strategies, to be in line with the changing profile of our multi-generational workforce and business needs. And in ES, we have partnered our teams to craft a holistic sustainability framework  which integrates this complex issue with our investment decisions, corporate practices and procurement processes.

A learning culture

Across GIC, we are committed to providing opportunities, both internal and external, for all team members to renew and reinvent themselves. By allocating abundant resources, our members are able to hone their expertise and realise their potential. This gives us a depth of expertise in our respective functions, and also a breadth of experience across GIC's global businesses. It also keeps our workforce engaged and strengthens our position as an employer of choice.

Impactful work

Together, our teams do more than support GIC's business as each is empowered to create an impact in helping secure Singapore's financial future. We constantly hone, innovate, rethink and reinvent our respective expertise through extensive learning opportunities. These include GIC School and a breadth of exposure in our respective functions via GIC's global investment reach, as well as other external resources. As sustainability is GIC's core value as a long-term investor, we champion environmentally-friendly and sustainable practices in operating our global offices.

Corporate Administration & Infrastructure (CAID)

By staying abreast of new technologies, we have digitised and enhanced our workplace environment and experience. Our team manages a range of services, promoting excellence in areas such as Corporate Workplace Management, Procurement and Strategic Sourcing, and Business Continuity Management. These bring GICians together to create a workplace we can all be proud of.

Human Resource & Organization (HROD)

Championing a people agenda, we strive to build a GIC where high performance can be achieved by individuals in a sustainable way. Recognising the high demands on our people, we seek to support them through our practices and create a conducive environment where they can build a rewarding career, while impacting the future of Singapore.

Enterprise Strategy (ES)

We integrate GIC's investment and organisation strategies, and coordinate their execution to align our enterprise outcomes to strategic objectives. We also champion innovation and continuous improvements in GIC. Besides developing and executing enterprise-wide projects, we support change management efforts at the enterprise level and play a key role in supporting GIC’s Sustainability Committee, integrating this agenda into our investment process, corporate practices and procurement processes.

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