Governance & Risk Management

Our Internal Audit (IAD), Legal & Compliance (LCD), Risk & Performance Management (RPMD), and Governance & Client Relations (GCR) departments collectively govern and uphold GIC's fiduciary responsibilities to our Client, and more importantly, to the people of Singapore, at all times. 

Forming multiple lines of defence, we safeguard GIC's interests by identifying and managing potential legal, regulatory, compliance, reputational, market, credit, operational and financial risks. By putting in place governance and control measures, we are able to provide clarity and transparency in risk ownership and accountability. 

Independent risk and governance oversight

We are trusted advisors and strategic business partners in our independent subject matter expertise. By offering requisite control as well as providing legal, regulatory risk and governance oversight, we empower GIC to understand and manage risk implications when investing. This helps in making informed decisions to serve the best interests of the organisation.

Innovation at our core

We are empowered to innovate in our respective areas of work. Doing so exposes us to diverse and broad-ranging learning experiences across multi-asset classes – from piloting data analytics and technologies to working on multiple complex deals. By employing tools that support decision-making and nurture collaboration, we promote creativity. By harnessing science and innovation in this way, we help GIC maintain a competitive edge and stay on track with its investment objectives.

A collaborative culture

Our open sharing culture encourages collaboration and the exchange of ideas. Working alongside senior management and mentors, and partnering industry leaders, gives us a breadth of exposure, accelerates learning and develops our team members' potential. By practising our expertise on a large and global scale, our decisions and actions help take GIC forward. 

Internal Audit (IAD)

We are GIC's third line of defence and provide independent assurance on the adequacy of risk management, control and governance processes. We take a proactive and collaborative approach to influencing the controls framework. We also leverage technology and innovative solutions. In fact, we were one of the first in the audit community to adopt data science and analytics to drive a more efficient and robust control environment. Through this and other efforts, we help GIC achieve its strategic objectives.

Legal & Compliance (LCD)

We protect and advance the interests of both GIC and our Client by conscientiously advising on and managing legal, regulatory, compliance and reputational risks. By collaborating with the world's top law firms, we help structure, negotiate and execute GIC's largest and most complex deals across all asset classes. Our team is empowered to work independently and deliver meaningful solutions and decisions for our business. We emphasise teamwork and collaboration, and are proud to be trusted and strategic partners to our colleagues.

Risk & Performance Management (RPMD)

As GIC's second line of defence, we provide independent risk oversight to ensure that key risk drivers adhere to the mandate and are within the bounds authorised by our Client, Board and Management. Our holistic, forward-looking risk perspective is examined at the enterprise level, keeping GIC on track to achieve our Client's return objective. We independently debate with investment and operation teams to help guard against blind spots and establish that all risks are adequately considered. Beyond governance, we also keep a keen eye on overall performance, to ensure balanced risks and returns.

Governance & Client Relations (GCR)

We serve as the primary point of contact, managing the relationships, overall communications and engagement efforts with our Client, the Government of Singapore and client stakeholders. We are responsible for managing the secretariat work for the Board, Board Committees and Management Committees and supporting the Company Secretary in governance and administrative matters relating to Board events, Board of Directors and external advisors.

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