GIC Scholarship Programmes (GSP)
At GIC, you will have the opportunity to shape Singapore's tomorrows. You can access the many resources we have dedicated to learning – both formal and informal – to ensure your continued growth and preparation for work that's purposeful.

Our scholarship provides you the freedom to choose from a diverse range of courses including, but not limited to, Accountancy, Economics, Engineering, Sciences, Mathematics and Liberal Arts. We firmly believe that having people from different disciplines cultivates a diversity of perspectives among our GICians, which is critical for GIC to thrive.

GIC provides you with a nurturing environment to develop your potential. Structured internship and graduate programmes, job rotations, networking opportunities and mentorship by GIC professionals all guide and prepare you to achieve your best.

You will be supported in the pursuit of your passions, quest for knowledge and diverse experiences. This open mindset exposes you to an abundance of opportunities and many different roles that let you discover a career path that fits your talents and aspirations. Best of all, it allows you to participate in impactful work that matters. 

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Application for the 2021 intake opens from 1 Sep 2020 to 19 Mar 2021

At GIC, we have many rewarding fields to build your career in.

Some of our groups include Public Equities, Fixed Income, Private Equity, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Economics & Investment Strategy, and Data & Technology.

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Our scholarship programme:

  • Are open to all nationalities - conversion to a Singapore citizenship is not required
  • Look for candidates with strong critical thinking, creativity and leadership qualities
  • Seek individuals who are passionate and excited about a career at GIC

Full-Term Scholarship

Applicable to Pre-Tertiary students who are about to embark on their undergraduate studies.

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Full-Term Scholarship

You may pursue a degree at a reputable local or overseas university of your choice, subject to GIC's approval.

For the scholarship, we will be happy to discuss with you options for universities and courses of study.

You will join the GIC Professionals Programme and start your career with us once you graduate.

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Our scholarship include:

  • Tuition and other related fees and allowances
  • Sponsorship of a range of learning opportunities including, but not limited to Exchange Programme / Study Abroad Programme / Summer School / Finance-related seminars / Third language study (subject to approval)
  • Sponsorship of a Master's degree (subject to approval)
  • Return airfare (for overseas studies)

Full-Term Scholarship:

  • Full-Term Scholars must return for a GIC Internship during the penultimate year of undergraduate studies

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Full-Term Scholarship

The service duration is dependent on the location of study.
If you study in:

  • Singapore, the service duration is 3 years
  • A non-English speaking country such as Japan, Germany, or China, the service duration is 4 years
  • US / UK, the service duration is 5 years

How we hire

If you are ready to begin the next phase of your journey with us, learn more about the hiring process. Being prepared could give you the edge you need.


At GIC, we value (but also look beyond) qualities such as intellectual curiosity, interpersonal skills, leadership, problem-solving and decision-making skills, and self-management. We look out for these through the whole application process. Candidates typically demonstrate these through outstanding academic and co-curricular activities and leadership experiences.

We value a diversity of perspectives and ideas, and see education as a training of the mind. Our scholars come from a wide range of fields including, but not limited to, Accountancy, Economics, Engineering, to the Arts.

We do not look at numbers, but more at the suitability of our candidates.

Excellent academic and co-curricular records are important, however a perfect score is not necessary. We look at your candidacy holistically.

It isn't a pre-requisite, but an interest in finance is helpful, given that your career will be in the finance sector.

Our people come from a variety of backgrounds spanning Economics and Finance, the Sciences, Engineering, Computing and Business. The focus is more on the training of the mind. If you did not do Finance-related courses, you may face a slightly steeper learning curve at the start. That’s why we encourage our scholars to gain exposure and learn about finance and investing both within and/or outside of their academic courses.

We believe that meeting our employees’ career aspirations is key to nurturing and preserving GIC’s intellectual capital. As we invest globally in more than 40 countries from our offices in 10 cities, you can look forward to job rotations and overseas posting opportunities with GIC. Of course, this would be based on your inclination, performance and our business needs.

Yes, all nationalities are welcome to apply for both scholarships, and are not required to take up a Singapore citizenship. However, as Singapore's Sovereign Wealth Fund, we hope that our scholars will have long-term plans for a career in GIC.

Each candidate may experience different combinations. Generally speaking, you will need to go through online tests, activity-based assessments, and interviews with HR and business leaders. You will have the opportunity to meet with senior management in the final panel interview.

Candidates typically apply for the scholarship and universities concurrently. We will discuss your choice of universities and courses of study with you during the selection process.

We encourage students to think about the kind of career they see themselves in when choosing a scholarship. They should also find out as much as possible about the organisations they are interested in working for. A scholarship should not merely be a means to fund your education.

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