Investment Services

Our Investment Services teams form an invaluable, strategic partnership with our Public and Private Market investment groups. Their role is integral in the timely execution of our investment strategies and deals; leading to sustainable top quartile performance for GIC. By leveraging technology and data, our team has improved GIC's productivity through process efficiencies and deeper insights, giving us a competitive advantage over our industry peers.

Exposure to multiple functions

We actively partner GIC's investment professionals to achieve operational excellence and efficiencies. In Public Markets, we have gained broad exposure to its many aspects, ranging from trade management and asset servicing, to investment monitoring, data management, and rebalancing operations. In Private Markets, we are part of the negotiation and deals team, drawing on our in-depth knowledge of the markets to optimise outcomes. Overall, our exposure span the areas of Corporate Accounting, Tax and Business Management, Valuations and Financial Accounting. 

Championing innovation

Our unending drive for innovative ideas and new technologies encourages us to experiment and adopt a growth mindset. As such, our work incorporates a wide range of technology initiatives including robotics process automation, machine learning, data analytics, business to business data integration and data visualisation.

Supportive work environment

Our global investments span multiple regions and sectors. Working closely with senior management and industry experts, our teams gain exposure to wide market knowledge, deep learning experiences and rich expertise. As part of a global team, we have limitless opportunities to work on a broad spectrum of investment and operational functions across our offices worldwide. 

Investment Services Public Market (ISPM)

We serve as the business manager and execution partner for our Public Market assets. Our end-to-end business solutions cover global trade operations, asset servicing, market data management, network management and custody controls. We also ensure excellence in collateral management, pricing and rates, and rebalancing operations. As GIC's investment engineering powerhouse, we leverage technology and business intelligence, as well as the harnessing of data and emerging technologies, for greater optimisation and productivity.

Investment Services Private Markets & Finance (ISPVMF)

As an integrated business management and finance department, and a trusted and strategic partner to our Private Markets team, we provide them with investment service solutions. This encompasses tax planning and risk management, liquidity and financial management, and capital structure management. We also serve as the centre of excellence for fund investment support.

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