Private Markets

GIC is one of the leading global investors with the ability to hold assets for the long term. Our Private Market portfolio spans the breadth of multiple asset classes, including private equity, infrastructure and real estate. With our strong global reputation, brand name access and experience in managing complex and diverse investments, we have established ourselves as one of the first ports of call.

A resilient portfolio

Our total Private Market portfolio is spread across private equity, infrastructure and real estate asset classes – achieving diversity and resilience. The large portfolio of private assets that we have built is geared towards delivering sustained long-term returns. It is also designed to reap positive real returns from investments with longer holding periods, allowing us to optimise the full potential of the market.

Global capabilities

Through our extensive global network, we have gained the capabilities to source and lead deals independently. In fact, we have even been pioneering investors in many markets and being in-the-action and on-the-ground across the world, we understand and can act quickly on promising investments in local markets.

A collaborative team

We are committed to cultivating teamwork. Our teams have developed a unique mix of cross-asset class capabilities to tap on investment opportunities within and across almost all asset classes. Sharing ideas and driving innovation allows us to keep pace with the growing diversity and complexity of the investment universe as well as the increasingly competitive environment.

Private Equity (PE)

Starting as one of the pioneers of international private equity in the early 1980s, we are now one of its largest investors. Our global portfolio is diversified across six continents, in private equity and private debt, including funds and corporate investments. While our early investments were in buyouts, growth capital and venture capital, we have kept pace with the growing diversity and complexity of private equity. Today, our investments also include mezzanine financing, direct lending, distressed debt, opportunistic credit and private equity secondaries. We also invest across the economy, including consumer, technology, media, telcos and healthcare sectors.

Infrastructure (INFRA)

Our dedicated global INFRA team targets and manages assets with stable and predictable cash flows, long-term inflation protection and reasonable risk-adjusted returns. We deploy long-term capital through direct and fund investments across the capital structure to diversify our portfolio, while playing to our strengths as a long-term investor. Collaborating with other teams across GIC, we have optimised and grown a sizeable portfolio across the globe.

Real Estate (RE)

We are one of the world's leading real estate investment teams. Though we are headquartered in Singapore, our global reach stretches from New York, San Francisco and Sao Paolo, to London, Seoul, Tokyo, Mumbai and Shanghai. Our portfolio is resilient, diverse, a good hedge against inflation and an integral part of the GIC portfolio. Our long-term investment horizon allows us to ride out short-term volatility and unfavourable market cycles to gain illiquidity premium. We invest across the retail, office, hospitality, residential, logistics, student housing and emerging sectors. Despite delivering returns today, we have a strong focus on data-driven decisions and constantly anticipate disruptive technology and trends to be prepared for the future.

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