Public Markets

GIC is one of the largest global investors in public market instruments. Investing across both developed and emerging markets, we have established a well-diversified portfolio to produce sustainable, superior returns.

We are also well placed to exploit the market through effective strategy implementation and asset allocation. Enhancing this with the discerning selections of external managers, we seek to maximise GIC's returns, taking into account the risks involved. This is to achieve GIC's vision of being the Leading Global Long-Term Investor.

Industry-leading expertise

Our industry knowledge sets us apart in the marketplace. We act as 'thought partners' to the businesses we invest in, and tap on our investment expertise to help generate debate on industry dynamics and corporate strategy. By forging strong partner relationships, we are the first port of call for business opportunities. And as a leading global investor, we are well-positioned to provide long-term patient capital and execute astute deals. 

Innovative solutions

Our leading cross-asset expertise brings us many opportunities to implement a range of investment strategies as well as a strong platform to collaborate across asset classes. This includes an exchange of ideas with fellow public market investment teams, enabling us to explore our opportunities across the capital structure more effectively.

Enhanced learning opportunities

GIC encourages individuals to adopt a growth mindset and facilitates an open culture focussed on learning. Comprehensive training programmes allow us to develop our talent to their fullest potential, while attachments to partner companies help our people gain relevant industry experience. To be closer to key financial markets, we also have opportunities to work in one of GIC's global offices, including New York, London and Shanghai.

Public Equities (EQD)

Our industry-leading expertise helps us generate sustainable, superior returns through active investments across global equity markets. The strategies we implement include relative return strategies, absolute return strategies and quantitative strategies. Forging strong relationships with our partners and the companies we invest in, we act as their 'thought partners' in encouraging discussion on their ideas about industry dynamics and corporate strategy. This has strengthened our base and made us a preferred partner and first port of call for new opportunities.

We also collaborate with other GIC investment professionals across asset classes. By working closely with our private market colleagues, we have established a public/private approach to investing. This helps us uncover and explore any white space under-invested by both teams.

Fixed Income (FID)

We aim to generate steady returns, provide a liquidity reserve to support portfolio management, and enhance capital preservation through diversification. And we use a range of investment strategies to accomplish this, including yield curve analysis, credit and interest rate duration. Our investment universe spans multiple sectors such as interest rates, credit, emerging markets, collateralised bonds, convertible bonds, global currencies and equities.

Additionally, we pursue alpha across liquid asset markets using a rule-based, systematic approach to investment, consistent with GIC's 5 Investing Principles. By harnessing technology, we have also developed an investment methodology using a fundamental approach and being total-return and long-term oriented.

Portfolio Execution Group (PEG)

Our round-the-clock global execution desk interacts directly with markets around the world. To optimise our balance sheet, we implement active strategies and achieve benchmark returns through passive strategies. Leveraging data analytic algorithms and world-class execution platforms allows us to conduct in-depth research and analysis of investment decision-making. This enables us to better navigate the complex market environment and develop an edge.

External Managers (EMD)

We partner astute external managers who can diversify and maximise our portfolio's total market value over market cycles, while managing interim risks. These selected managers must be adept at expanding our investment opportunities, and deepening our understanding of the financial markets. We are trained as specialists with in-depth knowledge but at the same time, are exposed to capability-growth opportunities across bandwidths. This fosters flexibility in our approach, enhances collaboration with other teams and generates a healthy cross-pollination of ideas and continuous innovation.

How we hire

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