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Singapore is not very large – in fact, you could fit two of our city-states into Greater London! This small size has earned us the nickname 'the little red dot'. However, it is often said that we out-shout our size. Here at our GIC headquarters, you can do the same.

As our people come from a wide range of backgrounds, you have the benefit of establishing a wide network to tap on.


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Collaborative workplace

Our activity-based office set-up is designed to encourage diverse groups to interact. This creates a conducive environment for you to connect with other GICians and find inspiration, so that work stays fresh and exciting.

Careers that are connected and creative

Working within the same building makes connecting with senior leaders of GIC easier. And tapping on their experience and expertise helps promote your personal and professional growth. Another way we stay connected is through the adoption of the latest technologies, enabling us to work both in and out of the office. After all, innovative ideas can strike anywhere. 

From formal to fun

An occasional break from the routine of regular work always helps. "People first", we say. To achieve this, we host an array of rejuvenating social activities where we come together during our wellness months, department retreats, and festive community events. This connects GICians and encourages us to be ourselves, relax and have fun!


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#37-01 Capital Tower

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